Solidarity Dynamics

Solidarity Dynamics

The metalworker thinking method: understanding today’s big picture

The physical isolation and handwashing mean that “we, the people” are required to break the links in the multi hydra-like chains of transmission that covid19 is passing along. When “we, the people” break the links the pandemic will subside.
The science of this makes sense. But, the consequence is that we consent to police state restrictions that we would normally struggle against, including within and across our workplaces.

And still we rise!

This morning I awoke with mind racing far earlier than is good for me. The “thinking” led pretty quickly to two Facebook posts, “self-opiniated” prick that I am. Both of them reflected, in two different ways on the Morrison LNP government’s third stimulus package that is dominated by the $130billion of wage subsidies. First, who…

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Pandemic and recession: a peoples economic and democratic programme

The UWU steps forward Just a couple of days ago the National Secretary of the United Workers Union (UWU), Tim Kennedy, released a discussion paper on behalf of his members that described briefly the ingredients for a very different way of dealing with the economics of the pandemic to that being pursued by the Morrison…

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Women’s wages and the 2019-20 Annual Wage Review

Introduction International Women’s Day (IWD) is now just a week away. A few days later, March 13th, is the deadline day for submissions to the Annual Wage Review (AWR) run by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). So, in this blog I review what is happening with wage suppression in Australia and focus on what the…

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Solidarity Dynamics (Don Sutherland) provides support and solidarity to workers, their unions, other community and grass roots organisations and movements, to help win the struggles they are engaged in.

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