Solidarity Dynamics

Solidarity Dynamics (Don Sutherland) provides support and solidarity to workers, their unions, other community and grass roots organisations and movements, to help win the struggles they are engaged in.
In general, SD works to challenge and defeat the destructive exploitation of people and nature. We seek that exploited people become more confident as protagonists rather than subjects.
Support is provided through any one (or combination of) organizing, education, action research, and communication activities. The core idea is to unleash workers’ and community potential towards mindful militancy and power to confronts corporations, employer groups and their governments.
Support can be short lectures and workshops, short courses, longer courses as required, structured reading and discussion groups, one to one or small group mentoring, and on-line learning.
Within this framework, support can be tailored to meet the requirements of groups and organisations.
We work with you through discussion and mutual planning to develop the programme of support that meets your organisation’s needs.

Cops, protest and the future of work

From time to time police, and their union, seek pay rises and other improvements in their conditions. They are protesting when they do so. They wish for and expect that the general public (90 per cent of whom are workers with a similar problem) would support them. Then there is this, in Sydney yesterday…. And … Continue reading “Cops, protest and the future of work”

Preparing for New Parliamentary Power: Reproducing or Breaking the Electoral Cycle

In this article for the SEARCH Foundation I expand somewhat on some brief comments in other posts: Of course, both SEARCH and I look forward to your comments.

Right to strike mystery in an election year: back to 1993?

My hunch is that soon Labor and union negotiators will turn to their 1993 version of the right to strike to finalize their workplace and industrial relations policy for the national election. In this post I suggest why from their point of view and discuss what that might mean. The immediate context From the point … Continue reading “Right to strike mystery in an election year: back to 1993?”

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