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A virus drives a pivot to manufacturing!

For 42 years the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, manufacturing workers, and the majority of Australians with common sense, have been saying that it is not rational to use Australia’s mining resources to diminish the role of manufacturing in our society. In the main their rational thinking and proposals (in the case of the AMWU, see … Continue reading “A virus drives a pivot to manufacturing!”

Its May Day! Celebrating workers of the world in their struggles …

Our day for workers all over the world building their international solidarity for thought and action to create a better world. Solidarity greetings to all – defying Melbourne’s wintry cold and rain, the virus, the Morrison government, the physical restrictions all in the name of social solidarity. Click here! Here is my small solidarity contribution … Continue reading “Its May Day! Celebrating workers of the world in their struggles …”

Food supply workers hooray! Heroes they truly are.

“Without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn.” (from “Solidarity Forever”) Who, truly, reproduces society? The corona virus pandemic, and the Morrison government’s handling of it, brings to the fore a simple, profound although neglected truth. No society can reproduce itself without workers. From that, because ours is a society driven by … Continue reading “Food supply workers hooray! Heroes they truly are.”

The metalworker thinking method: understanding today’s big picture

The physical isolation and handwashing mean that “we, the people” are required to break the links in the multi hydra-like chains of transmission that covid19 is passing along. When “we, the people” break the links the pandemic will subside.
The science of this makes sense. But, the consequence is that we consent to police state restrictions that we would normally struggle against, including within and across our workplaces.

Solidarity Dynamics (Don Sutherland) provides support and solidarity to workers, their unions, other community and grass roots organisations and movements, to help win the struggles they are engaged in.

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    Workers of the World, Relax: Finland’s New Prime Minister Wants Four Day Work Week, Six-Hour Shifts© REUTERS / Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva
    15:59 07.01.2020Get short URL4238
    Social Democrat Sanna Marin became the youngest prime minister in the country’s history, having received her powers only in December of last year, a month after her 34th birthday.

    Soon after her appointment, Sanna Marin proposed changes for the workforce in the country. In particular, the 34-year-old politician decided that a 4-day working week could be introduced in the country, along with a 6-hour working day.

    “I believe people deserve to spend more time with their families, loved ones, hobbies and other aspects of life, such as culture,” she said.
    “A four-day workweek, a six-hour workday. Why couldn’t it be the next step? Is eight hours really the ultimate truth?” Marin added.

    According to CNBC, Finland has been a pioneer in introducing flexible work schedules. In 1996, the government introduced a law that gave workers the right to liberally adjust their work schedule, shifting it three hours back or three hours ahead, in comparison with the time that the employer established.

    At the same time, Finland’s neighbours, the Swedes introduced a six-hour day on a trial basis in Gothenburg in 2015. As a result of the experiment, it turned out that the residents of the city became much happier, but the regional budget suffered.

    Marin is very popular in her country and has an avid following on Instagram, where she uploads selfies, including snaps taken in lifts and cute family photos.

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