The Polytechnic Uprising and the Story of the Chatziavates

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The Dancing Dictator The Dancing Dictator

The Polytechnic Uprising of students in 1973 is widely credited with helping to bring down the junta government that ruled ruled Greece until 1974. The student uprising has assumed mythical dimensions. But who was there, what were the others doing, and how does it all relate to now? This article in Greek (see here) by the well-known film-director Stelios Kouloglou has been translated (thank you Alex!) for our English readers on this blog. It poses questions about ethics, morality and survival during times of civil crisis.

Further below the story is background information and useful weblinks for readers who are not aware of the history of the Polytechnic Uprising.

Chatziavates and the “Generation of the Polytechnic University”

07:50 | 18 Nov 2014

Stelios Kouloglou

While I was working on a documentary about the dictatorship and a book about the resistance, what caught my undivided attention, in the…

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