Top posts of 2014 and a new book for 2015

Michael Roberts’ regular posts on things economic and the politics related to that is always useful reading.

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Once again, I give you my most read posts of the year.

1. Global wealth inequality: top 1% own 41%; top 10% own 86%; bottom half own just 1%.
First published in October 2013, it quickly became last year’s winner and held its top spot this year, scoring nearly four times as many views as any other post in this list in 2014, even though it was updated with the latest global wealth report in October 2014.

2. David Harvey, Piketty and the central contradiction of capitalism
This was posted last May and has received a boost in viewing from a later post on my debate with David Harvey on the rate of profit (see below).

3. Marx blogged to death
This came out last March in response to a New York Times discussion by various mainstream economists about whether Marx was right after all about capitalism.

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