SYRIZA is Europe. SYRIZA is a Europe that is changing.

More detailed extracts from Alex Tsipras’ speech at the SYRIZA launch of their election campaign. The great challenge against Austerity as formed by 21st century capitalism and its prime European governments, led by Merkel’s Germany.

Australia-Greece Solidarity Campaign

Tsipras January 2015 Congress

Alexis Tsipras delivered the keynote speech to the SYRIZA Congress January 3-4 2015, before the coming elections. It was the opening salvo of the electoral campaign. The speech has been translated from the Greek in its entirety so non-Greek speakers can appreciate the reasoning and passion behind the SYRIZA campaign. Excerpts below, full speech further down. Enjoy…

The future has already begun.

Workers, unemployed and pensioners. The young men and women. Professionals and small and medium sized entrepreneurs. The farmers and peasants. They have all made the decision to take their fate into their own hands.

And we, here in this room, say once again:

SYRIZA is all of you.

SYRIZA is reaching out to all who want to free this country of its current nightmare. Regardless of the party they voted for in the past. Regardless of the questions and doubts they may rightfully have.

We do not want…

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