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Solidarity Dynamics (Don Sutherland) provides support and solidarity to workers, their unions, other community and grass roots organisations, and movements, to strengthen their capacity to win the struggles they are engaged in.
In general, SD works to challenge and defeat the destructive exploitation of people and nature in which exploited people are and become more confident in their role as protagonists rather than subjects.
Support is provided through any one (or a synthesis of) organising, education, action research, and communication activities. The core idea is to unleash workers’ and community potential towards mindful militancy and power to confront corporations, employer groups and their governments.
Support can be in the form of short lectures and workshops, short courses, longer courses as required, structured reading and discussion groups, one to one or small group mentoring, and on-line learning.
Within this framework, support can be tailored to meet the requirements of groups and organisations.
The programme of support to meet your organisation’s needs is worked out through discussion and mutual planning and can be adapted as it proceeds.

Examples of topics (forthcoming)

  • What is exploitation? And what does it lead to?
  • Introduction to Organising
  • Basic Industrial and Workplace Rights Law
  • Reading and understanding your rights
  • Organising Strategy: the key components
  • Strategy for struggle against corporate and government power
  • The Craft of “Struggle Leadership”
  • Public Speaking
  • Leading a “Struggle Discussion”
  • Critical analysis for solidarity campaigns and actions

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