Its May Day! Celebrating workers of the world in their struggles …

Our day for workers all over the world building their international solidarity for thought and action to create a better world. Solidarity greetings to all – defying Melbourne’s wintry cold and rain, the virus, the Morrison government, the physical restrictions all in the name of social solidarity.

Here is my small solidarity contribution in defiance of Melbourne’s cold and rain, the physical restrictions of the virus, and especially for workers at the heart of struggles defined by hunger, poverty, illness, the barrel of a gun, the military or paramilitary, and the threat of imperialist armed forces.

Author: Don Sutherland

I am a retired left wing and labour movement activist. Before that I worked for a long time in the Australian union movement in union education, Australian and international solidarity and organising. I am also active in Cuban solidarity, the SEARCH FOUNDATION, and promoting discussion, debate and action about green socialism based on workers control and social ownership.